Our Process

If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.

You may have seen or heard the line 10,000 times but it doesn’t make it any less true, especially when it comes to kitchen or bath renovations. It’s natural to feel overwhelmed and intimidated when you look at your current kitchen and imagine what it takes to transform it into one you sincerely love.

These are major projects you’re undertaking with so many pieces to the puzzle. It’s formidable!

Fortunately, you’re not doing it alone. We understand how daunting this feels and the only thing that makes it easier is transparency, a well-laid plan and a caring team to guide you through the process. 

Here’s what you can expect:



  • Meet with one of our Design Consultants, and complete a Needs Assessment.  Coffee & a chat!
  • We’ll go through the basics – who, what, why, when and where
  • We review your specific project needs, and start to get a sense of your lifestyle
  • A Showroom Tour, introducing you to our product selection
  • Reviewing the budget & timeline, 2 of the most important factors in any reno!



  • A detailed review of the plans & estimate of the design we’ve come up with for you
  • We’ll go through our process, so you have a really good idea of what happens next
  • A walk through the showroom, showing you the specifics of what we’ve included
  • We’ll give you as much information as we can, and answer any questions you have
  • Now it’s up to you to decide!  Are you ready to move forward to the fun stuff?



  • Once you’ve decide to move ahead, we’ll take a Design Deposit, usually 5% of the project value
  • Now the Design Phase really begins!  We’ll start to work on design revisions and revise pricing accordingly
  • We can set up collaborative pages on Houzz, Pinterest, etc to share thoughts and ideas
  • We come out to site to do a complete measure up, and also get a good sense of the space



  • Once the final designs are all done and all the selections are made, it’s time to order
  • We’ll review all the project details, spending time to ensure we’re all on the same page
  • Final sign-offs on drawings and selections, answering any questions you may have
  • Reviewing timelines and ensuring things are on track to meet your project schedule



  • When we’ve confirmed all the arrival dates of everything, we’ll start the scheduling process
  • We’ll coordinate with you and/or your contractor to ensure we’ve got a realistic installation date that meets your project needs
  • All orders are coordinated through our own warehouse, nothing shows up unannounced!
  • We carefully deliver everything to site and install using our trusted partners
  • We’ll also organize things like counters as well, if that’s part of our scope of work



  • After the cabinets have been installed, a member of our Service Team will come out to site and review the installation
  • We’ll go over how everything looks, making sure it’s been done according to the plans and our own high standards & expectations
  • If you have any questions or concerns about anything, we’re here to listen!   This is often a pretty stressful time of the reno, and we’re here to help put your mind at ease
  • Any outstanding items are identified, and any necessary parts are ordered



  • Often, there are one or two things that need looking after. Our inspection is designed to identify any service or warranty items
  • Our Operations Team is committed to getting things right as soon as possible, with a focus on ensuring your project moves ahead smoothly
  • Once we’ve got parts-in dates, we’ll be in touch to arrange a return trip to work through the punch list
  • Our goal is to get you back into your space and functioning as quickly as we can!



  • When everything is complete, we always like to come back for a final visit to see how things turned out!
  • If you are willing, we’ll take some photos of your finished space.  We are always looking to enter designs into various design awards and competitions, maybe yours will be one?
  • We’ll leave you with some practical info on how to care for your cabinets, and what to do and who to call if there are ever any questions