Cabico Unique Series: New & Improved: Smooth Dovetail Joints, Fully Adjustable Drawer Fronts and More Decorative Options


For The Trade Professional

Proud enough to put our name on it.
You are proud of your designs—and we’re proud of our product quality. Our dovetail drawers as well as our Legrabox drawers will now showcase our slick signage. You will see our logo once per cabinet and on top drawers only to ensure the right brand execution and consistency. It will also mean less redundancy!

Perfection at your fingertips.
You’ll love our smooth dovetail joints on all drawers. Our dovetail drawer boxes will now be sanded and finished after assembly. This means that joints will be perfectly flush for a much cleaner and stylish-high-end look.

Precision at your fingertips too!
Fully adjustable drawer fronts are now here! Get our new locking device for dovetail drawers by Blum, which allows for vertical and horizontal adjustments.

Create impactful designs—with less impact on the environment.
In order to standardize our best practices across the three products series and minimize our ecological footprint, primers, paints and stains will be applied only on our decorative moulding’s front face, similar to what we’ve done for years with our supremely refined Elmwood Series

Two for one is the new standard.
All base cabinets with full-height door configurations will now come standard with two adjustable shelves instead of one. This will offer your clients better organization space at no additional cost.


Your designs can reach new heights.
Take advantage of added versatility thanks to our decorative posts that can now go up to 36 inches high with their top sections changing accordingly.


Brilliant cabinet ideas.
We’re making it easier to install lights at the bottom of our wall cabinets. The MW58/B removable bottom and construction have been re-engineered for the better: the overall height of the shelf will now be 1¼ inch. What’s more: the removable floor will be constructed with a 5/8-inch backing. The floor will be easier to remove for fast access to the wires and ensure more space for the wiring.

The MW59 cabinet floor modification will now have a removable bottom without grooves for LED lights. This new bottom will allow for easier access, more wire space and a new design alternative.

Need more information?
If you would like to learn more about these improvements, including their technical details, please directly contact your representative at  The Cabinet Connection.

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